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XinusActiv Waterfloss

Wireless Water Flosser for Teeth and Gums Chargable & Waterproof

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Powerful pulsating water flow provides deep cleaning between teeth and below the gum line, removes 99.99% of plaque and food debris deeply hidden, useful for bad breath, tooth sensitivity and when caring for braces and other dental treatments.

Improved with 5 water pressure settings from 40 psi to 140 psi. More water pressure options for customised cleaning needs. Innovative Gravity Ball design ensures flossing at every angle for thorough cleaning.

The powerful battery lasts 15-30 days and charging via USB is possible with a power bank, phone charger, etc. More convenient for travelling by placing all accessories with the mouthwash in one storage bag.

A set of 6 multifunctional mouthpieces can effectively solve problems with braces, orthodontics, plaque and bad breath. The IPX7 design allows safe use of this dental flosser in the shower.

We always stand behind our products. 100% trouble-free replacement is offered within 12 months and 24-hour email support for problem resolution within 24 hours.

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XinusActiv Waterfloss
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