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JuliBrite®️ Toothpaste Tablets (60 pcs.)

Natural plastic-free toothpaste tablets

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JuliBrite®️ Toothpaste Tablets

This completely new way of brushing your teeth strengthens your tooth enamel. It also restores the original white colour of your teeth.

  • Toothpaste tablet with natural ingredients strengthens tooth enamel with natural minerals;
  • Helps prevent caries and tooth decay;
  • Restores the natural whiteness of teeth;
  • Plastic-free recyclable packaging.

With JuliBrite Toothpaste Tablets you kill three birds with one stone. Firstly, your tooth enamel is strengthened and protected by remineralisation, for example by the mineral hydroxyapatite which also occurs naturally in our bones and teeth.

The natural sweetener xylitol is not added just for the fresh taste. Xylitol has been proven to effectively fight harmful bacteria in the mouth and to prevent the formation of plaque and tartar.

In addition, and not unimportantly, it restores the natural whiteness of your teeth.

JuliBrite®️ Toothpaste Tablets for white teeth

WithJuliBrite Toothpaste Tablets, we introduce a new and unique way to brush your teeth. Instead of soft toothpaste from a tube, these are tablets that you must first chew on for ten seconds. Then you brush your teeth for at least two minutes with a wet toothbrush.

What are the benefits?

Optimal dental care JuliBrite Toothpaste Tablets takes optimal care of your teeth.

Just like traditional toothpaste, plaque is removed to prevent it from hardening into tartar. This is important to prevent caries (cavities) and gum inflammation.

HAP is an important ingredient in chewing toothpaste is Hydroxyapatite (HAP). Our own bones consist largely of this mineral. Our teeth too, both the dentine and the enamel around it, consist largely of hydroxyapatite.

Nano HAP is therefore an optimal means to remineralise tooth enamel. This means that damages or wear spots in the enamel are filled with the mineral from the toothpaste.

In this way, the tooth enamel is restored using the same material from which it is made. The same applies to sensitive teeth, sensitivity to cold, hot, sweet and acidic foods.

HAP seals the dentin tubules, which when open cause the sensitivity. In Japan, HAP has been used instead of fluoride for 40 years.

The effectiveness appears to be just as great or even greater.

While fluoride is by no means a mineral in the body, HAP is. Left A clinical study on the effectiveness of HAP in toothpaste:


And here a comparative study on the efficacy of a toothpaste with HAP and a fluoride toothpaste for the prevention and remineralisation of caries (cavities) in children:



The natural sweetener xylitol has also been proven for decades to have great benefits for oral health and the fight against harmful bacteria.

The common mouth bacteria Streptococcus mutans cannot convert xylitol into the acids that are so harmful to your teeth, like sugar and carbohydrates.

Xylitol also makes it harder for bacteria to attach to tooth enamel as plaque. It has a fresh, cool taste that stimulates the production of saliva.

The oxygen-rich saliva is the natural protection of your teeth. Another great advantage is that xylitol has an alkaline effect in the mouth, it increases the Ph value.

Due to this lower acidity, minerals are better absorbed by the weak spots in the tooth enamel. This supports the absorption of HAP.


The beneficial effect of xylitol on teeth and oral health has been studied for decades. Here you will find a collection of links to scientific studies on the effectiveness of xylitol:


Pure nature

Harmful and aggressive ingredients have no place in oral care products. That's why JuliBrite Toothpaste Tablets is free from fluoride, SLS (sodium lauryl sulate) and preservatives.

The safe ingredients in JuliBrite Toothpaste Tablets clean your teeth while respecting the natural balance of the oral flora. This is also important for good oral health and strong teeth.

Whiter teeth

Nowadays, it is important to have brilliantly white teeth. It is therefore logical to focus your daily oral hygiene on this as well.

JuliBrite Toothpaste Tablets complements safe whitening product range and restores the natural whiteness of teeth.

The formula of JuliBrite Toothpaste Tablets was developed by Dr. Martin Giniger. He is an authority on home teeth whitening products in the United States.

He has a dental practice on Park Avenue in New York City, the centre of aesthetic dentistry.

Sustainable shape and packaging

If you want to reduce your plastic consumption, JuliBrite Toothpaste Tablets is your toothpaste. Most toothpaste is spreadable and comes in plastic tubes. You will use quite a few of these during the course of your life.

With JuliBrite Toothpaste Tablets, the plastic tubes of the usual soft toothpaste are a thing of the past.

The chewable toothpaste is in the form of tablets, which are packed in a recyclable tin. Two different amounts are available, for 30 and 90 days.

JuliBrite Toothpaste Tablets is free from fluoride, SLS (sodium lauryl sulate) and preservatives.

In addition to its excellent dental care qualities, JuliBrite Toothpaste Tablets scores highly in terms of sustainability. The tablets are packaged in a recyclable tin.

Usermanual JuliBrite Toothpaste Tablets

  1. Take a JuliBrite Toothpaste Tablet in your mouth;
  2. Chew on it for ten seconds;
  3. Brush your teeth with a wet toothbrush for at least two minutes;
  4. Spit out the residu.

Ingredients JuliBrite®️ Toothpaste Tablets

Gum arabic, calcium carbonate, peppermint, hydroxyapatite (HAP), magnesium aluminium silicate, xylitol, polyvinylpyrrolidone, tri calcium phosphate, sodium bicarbonate, cellulose and coconut sulphate.

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JuliBrite®️ Toothpaste Tablets (60 pcs.)
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