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MiBrush Ultrasonic Aligner Cleaner (White)

Ultrasonic Cleaner for Braces, Dentures, Mouthguards, Aligners, Whitening Trays, 43 kHz 255ML with UV Function

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Discover the ultimate cleaning experience with the Mibrush Ultrasonic Cleaner.

This advanced cleaning machine is designed to effectively and thoroughly clean, restoring radiance to your retainer, denture, mouthguard, aligner, whitening tray, toothbrush head, and even jewelry.

With a powerful ultrasonic frequency of 43 kHz and a generous capacity of 255 ml, the Mibrush Ultrasonic Cleaner provides a deep cleaning that effortlessly removes dirt, bacteria, and deposits. The innovative UV function adds an extra layer of sterilization, ensuring a hygienic result.

Whether it's for daily oral care or maintaining precious jewelry, this cleaning machine guarantees unparalleled cleaning performance. Easy to use with intuitive controls, the Mibrush Ultrasonic Cleaner makes cleaning personal items a seamless and efficient experience.

Invest in your personal hygiene and the brilliance of your favorite accessories with the Mibrush Ultrasonic Cleaner. A must-have for a fresh appearance and sparkling hygiene!

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MiBrush Ultrasonic Aligner Cleaner (White)
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